Expanding our NetWork

Our vision is to expand our WebSight into a Consciously Curated ReSource sharing NetWork that catalyzes offline connections. Our intention is for our expanded WebSight to serve the community by featuring:

-Opportunities to get involved in the I Am We NetWork

-Announcements about upcoming events

-Profiles of Communities and Land Projects that are part of our NetWork

-Profiles where Members of our NetWork can post information about opportunities they are looking for and what they have to offer

-Project Profiles where Members of our NetWork can post descriptions of their Creative Projects, what these projects will offer to the community and what is needed to actualize their greater visions

-A ReSource sharing page where people can post ReSources they need for their projects and ReSources they have to offer to other people’s projects

-Chautauqua Updates

Cultivating DIY Culture

Our vision is to create new methods, rediscover ancient methods, and promote existing methods of how to live more Creative, Conscious, Sustainable, and Healthy lifestyles. Our intention is to serve the community by:

-Coordinating infrastructure for co-creative projects

-Hosting skillshares, workshops, and collaborative creations

-Facilitating co-creative autonomy

-Working together to be self-sufficient

-Supporting independent artists, venues, and media

Chautauqua Development

Our vision is to compile a caravan of buses (band bus, healing bus, circus bus, food bus, tea bus, red tent bus, sustainable living bus, art bus, children’s bus, etc.) to travel the country sharing skills and offering services. Our intention is to use this project to serve the community by:

-Creating alternative travel opportunities to traditional tourism

-Weaving a world-wide-web beyond the medium of the computer

-Pathways for people to share their projects with new communities

-Cross-pollination between different communities

-Opportunities for people to experience epic adventures and share what they learn along the way

-Spending time at different Art, Sustainable Living, Healing, and Spiritual Communities learning from what they are doing and sharing what we have to offer

What are your future goals?

Which of these projects do you feel excited to be involved in?



-are you an artist? Healer? Harbinger of sustainable living?

-do you have a vision for an inspiring event to co-host?

-do you have a talent that you would like a space to share?

-are you seeking people and ReSources to activate the potential of your land?

-are you interested in being involved in an art/spiritual/healing/sustainable living community?

-are you looking for the infrastructure to manifest your dreams?

-are you an innovator of DIY (do-it-yourself) culture?

-would you like to join your bus to a caravan of buses traveling the country spreading creativity, knowledge, ideas, healing arts, sustainable living, and spiritual purpose?

-are you interested in alternative economy?

-are you looking for co-creators to manifest abstract dreams into reality?

If so, reach out to us! We would love to hear your inspirations and ideas about projects you are working on and how we can be of service!

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