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How it all began...
I Am We was an idea waiting to emerge. It was in the old growth forests outside of Eugene, OR, where the idea begot its name. Within a book, a biography about Mumia Abu Jamal, the words I Am We were read and instantly gave shape to the movement that was to come.

Bowie and Autumn spent much of 2012 traveling, networking, working on their bus, and hosting monthly events. Autumn spent 2013 living in Santa Cruz, taking a break from the action-oriented projects she was doing with I Am We and shifting her focus towards inner-work, spiritual and personal development, and expanding their NetWork into the Holistic Health community. During this time, Bowie continued booking bands at the first I Am We House in El Cerrito, CA, and devoting much focus on the band Dum Spiro Spero that he was an integral part of. Autumn and Bowie continued to occasionally convene to create the growing network of I Am We. In 2014, Autumn and Bowie began focusing their energy towards laying the groundwork to create I Am We into a container for manifesting bigger-picture dreams and goals that they had been developing over the years working together. During this year they met Kaylin DeDiana who shared many common visions with Autumn and Bowie and began working with them at the Core of the project. In the year 2015 I Am We began developing the NEST (Network Expansion Strategy Template) with the help of Mihai Manoliu and Mark DeDiana. The WebSight team expanded to include Elliott Kelley, Nick Echols, and Elizabeth Rogers. We hosted our first annual ManiFestival at Elizabeth’s ranch in Watsonville during the Autumnal Equinox, gathering inspiration and expanding developmental structures.

Meet our founders
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