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I Am We is a DoNation Based NetWork of Conscious and Creative ReSources with roots in the SF Bay Area and branches spreading across the US. We specialize in Event Coordination and Experience Curation - building bridges between artists and communities and expressing creative energy in innovative settings. We facilitate opportunities for people to work together synergistically to Create towards a Spiritual purpose in a Healthy way using Sustainable methods.


I Am We amplifies creative collaboration by curating experiences and catalyzing synchronicity.

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This document declares our practices of do-ing and be-ing. We provide an outline of essential habit(at) aspects for complete community flourishment. By bridging the communities of art, health, sustainability, and spirituality, we catalyze and amplify the creative and collaborative potential of society. Our intention is to use our message and mission to support the growth of all beings towards their highest potential. By identifying our values and aims, we direct our consciousness towards establishing a virtuous community lifestyle.


We value Interdependence and the Interrelatedness of all things. We value Integrity, Authenticity and Transparency; Community, Collaboration, and Clear Communication. We value a global system of sharing resources, knowledge, and celebration. We value a thriving world for everyone to fulfill their dreams and purposes, in the best interest of the Interconnected Whole. We aim for a life in balance with ourselves, our communities, and our environment, and we value each person’s unique contribution, as well as each person’s sovereign responsibility for self.

Text in italics originated from Tribal Convergence Network’s Core Values 


•  Expand the evolution of consciousness towards sustainability, health, and harmony

•  Transcend barriers that no longer serve us

•  Provide creative containers for people to invest their energy towards their higher purpose

•  Create pathways for people to collaborate towards common dreams, visions, and goals

•  Steward a thriving world


Synergistically uniting the mediums of Creative Arts, Integrative Spirituality, Sustainability, and Holistic Health

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“Creativity” is the divine spark that conveys a message to others, helping them to catalyze creative impulse within themselves. A work of “Creative Art” includes: music, visual art, sculpture, video, digital media, performance, culinary arts, architecture, or anything else you can create! I Am We is a collaboration that fosters and encourages creative souls to contribute their visions into a bigger-picture context, manifesting and amplifying everyone’s individual creative potential. The mission of I Am We is to facilitate and foster the connection between human consciousness and a unique expression of creativity: Art; for the benefit of a better World.

“Spirituality” does not only exist within religious order. Spirituality means to serve Spirit with our thoughts, actions, and interactions. Depending on a person’s individual belief system, Spirit can manifest as God, Love, Nature, The Tao, The Higher Good, etc. “Integrative” is a unification of different belief systems – I Am We recognizes that “God” and “Love” are manifestations of the same ubiquitous essence, and supports people in working together from within the context of this essence while maintaining the freedom to seek truth as individuals in our own ways.


“Health” is not just about a healthy body, it is about a Healthy Being (physical body, emotional body, mental body, spiritual body, etc.) “Holistic” is about looking at the human being as an integrated system of all these bodies. “Holistic Health” is balancing each body within itself and with each other so that the Being can thrive. I Am We supports people in adopting lifestyles that enable them to thrive.

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“Sustainability” is regenerative systems design in the context of the three core ethics of Permaculture: Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share. I Am We designs and implements models of systemic sustainability.

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