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Creative Arts

“Creativity” is the divine spark that conveys a message to others, helping them to catalyze creative impulse within themselves. A work of “Creative Art” includes: music, visual art, sculpture, video, digital media, performance, culinary arts, architecture, or anything else you can create! I Am We is a collaboration that fosters and encourages creative souls to contribute their visions into a bigger-picture context, manifesting and amplifying everyone’s individual creative potential. The mission of I Am We is to facilitate and foster the connection between human consciousness and a unique expression of creativity: Art; for the benefit of a better World.


We're putting the spotlight on musicians we've worked with in the past and are currently working with - have a listen.

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Visual Artists

With the works of these visual artists, we are bringing creative inspiration to you. Read their stories here.

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Performing Artists

Follow the movements of these performing artists from dancing to art installations

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