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Bucket Laundry

It was summer 2020 during the pandemic. Without a washing machine on the property, the idea of going to a public laundromat didn't sound like the best option, mask or no mask. A quick Youtube search led us to create our own 5 gallon bucket washing machine. With a few dollars invested for a new plunger and a couple of buckets around the property, we got started right away. Took a minute to get the hang of getting a good agitation rhythm going but overall we were able to have clean clothes rinsed and wrung out ready to hang in the sun within minutes. By using natural laundry detergent we were able to use the leftover grey water from the buckets to water plants around our property. This method is great for small items but was a bit more challenging for sheets and towels. A hack we learned the more we used this system is to drill a hole larger than the plunger handle. And adding a clear coating of some sort to the plunger handle should help to prevent splintering. You'll find additional tips and instructions online when you are ready to create your own system.

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