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Nite Owl

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

A creature of the night, Oakland-based street artist Nite Owl has embraced the dark hours to give the gift of color to the citizens of the city. With spray can in hand, the artist brings life to the blank slate of our streets and the interior of galleries across the East Bay, namely Loakal and Chopsticks Urban Art Space. His iconic tag of a vibrantly painted owl distinctly markthe work of this artistic do-gooder.

A New York native, Nite Owl has been producing street art since he was in the third grade. He defines his work as, “Just owls. It’s pretty simple.” To his growing fan base and passing pedestrians, however, his multicolored creations add a splash of character to the blandness of city life.

Nite Owl also added a splash of color in I AM WE'S logo featured this month. The school of fish represents the collective that we are, navigating through the waters of life together.

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