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One Man Banjo

One Man Banjo. A one man show.

A ! 1manBanjo ! show is energetic, incites movement, dancing, the clapping of hands, participation & a couple of sing alongs. Combines old time tunes in a unique rhythmic fashion which is (though at times dark) a vibrant experience. A.K.A. Sean Lee, 1mb has been in developement for over a decade and offers a wide variety of songs, from it's roots in what we call the zig zag blues to banjo funk, swamp glam: progressing into gobbelin music

( ), and selections from Cheshire rock opera & what we call the Harlequin theory at work. S.Lee sings and plays the banjo in a sloppy rag time rhythm to the beat of a bass drum kick & a tamborine shoe.

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