Booking events

-coordinating logistics with clarity and efficiency

-linking talent with venues of expression

-providing an extensive and diverse network of interdisciplinary creative artists from all across the country


-connecting landowners with people, knowledge, and ReSources to actualize creative visions for innovative projects


-weaving a net to capture the energy of creative vision and channel it into systems conducive to amplifying its working potential

-connecting isolated creative energy with structural containers to catalyze individuals and strengthen the whole

– connecting isolated creative energy with structural containers to catalyze individuals and strengthen the whole

-a “world wide web” beyond the medium of the computer


-coordinating infrastructure for co-creative projects

-hosting skillshares, workshops, and collaborative creations

-facilitating co-creative autonomy

-working together to be self-sufficient

-supporting independent artists, venues, and media

Spearheading a new Chautauqua movement

– a Chautauqua is like a carnival or circus. The difference is that where the intention of a circus is to spread entertainment, the intention of a Chautauqua is to spread consciousness.

-we are compiling a caravan of buses (band bus, healing bus, circus bus, food bus, tea bus, red tent bus, sustainable living bus, art bus, children’s bus, etc.) to travel the country sharing skills and offering services. We are manifesting buses and crew!


-connecting with art communities, healing communities, sustainable living communities, and spiritual communities to learn and to share

“DoNation” – based financial structure

-cultivating a “nation of doers” by providing opportunities to be of service

-recognizing money as a form of energy exchange

-recognizing energy as not always needing to be contained within the medium of money to be active

-providing options to contribute to the creative process as a participant offering direct energy, or as a guest offering money to support the energy being contributed by others

Curators of experience

-embodying the courage to actualize abstract dreams into tangible reality

-creating alternative environments that playfully unravel the confines of social convention

What do you have to offer?

Which of our offerings sound most exciting to you?


DoNation: A Nation of Doers

DoNation recognizes money as a form of energy exchange, and also recognizes time/service as another form of energy exchange.

There are three ways to participate in a DoNation structure:

  1.  Participate as a Guest, contributing money and experiencing what is being offered by others
  2. Participate as a Contributor, giving time/service instead of money directly to the project
  3. Participate  as a Partial Contributor by giving a portion of your contribution in money, and a portion of your contribution in time/service

How do you feel inspired to help us be of service?


Current Projects

Our current projects are the development and expansion of our WebSight and Network Expansion Strategy Template (NEST). Mihai Manoliu is working with us build our NEST, with some help from Mark DeDiana. Elliott Kelley is our primary web developer, with some help from Sierra Vargas, and Elizabeth Rogers. Our intention is for these projects to lay a foundation for future goals.

What these projects offer to the community:

  • Consciously Curated Containers for Collaboration
  • Access for people to find ReSources to help them actualize their greater  vision
  • Inspiration
  • Synergistic cross-pollination of knowledge and ideas
  • A hub of Consciousness
  • Tools for Community-building
  • Opportunities for people to share their creative projects and ideas

What would help us amplify the potential of these offerings:

  • Feedback in the form of inspirations, ideas, criticism, questions
  • Ideas of how you might be interested in collaborating with us
  • Your visions of creative projects and how we can be of service in helping you actualize them
  • People with experience or interest in web development
  • People with experience or interest in business development
  • Help sharing our work with more communities
  • Whatever else you feel inspired to share!


As we began to develop our business plan, we realized that a creative approach would be necessary as I Am We is not a business, it is a NetWork. So we transitioned into the process of building a

NEST: Network Expansion Strategy Template



  1. a structure or place made or chosen by a bird for laying eggs and sheltering young

Our NEST will be a safe, stable, consciously-designed structure to place the eggs that will hatch into our dreams, by hosting our projects and yours until they are developed enough to stand on their own.

  1. a set of similar objects of graduated sizes, made so that each smaller one fits into the next in size for storage.

Our NEST will be replicable for both small- and large-scale projects.

NET-WORK: We are weaving a net and a web of people and projects that work in the communities of Holistic Health, Sustainable Living, Integrative Spirituality, and Creative and Performing Arts, with the intention of capturing knowledge and creative energy and channeling it to common bigger-picture goals.

EXPANSION: We are expanding our NetWork in order to have more ReSources to offer to the community.

STRATEGY: Our strategy is to develop clear and articulate documentation of our greater visions and our plans of implementation.

TEMPLATE: We are developing tools that can be replicated and shared with other people and projects that have similar intentions as we do.

Do you have ideas you would like to share about how to build a good NEST?

Do you have a project or a vision that needs a NEST?





  1. a complex system of interconnected elements



  1. the         faculty or power of perceiving with the eyes; discerning visually
  1. the faculty or power of discerning or deducing mentally after reflection or from information; understanding

WEB-SIGHT: visually representing the interconnected elements of our NetWork to help our community reflect upon and understand the synergistic relationships of how we can support each other from within our own unique niches.

In this beginning phase of our WebSight, our intention is simply to share the vision of our project and gather feedback about how people might be inspired to get involved.

As we develop our project, our intention is to implement advanced community-building features into our WebSight, including;

-Invitation for people to submit artwork for new logo that changes each month

-Public forum with topic that changes each month

-Interactive ReSource Map of people, projects, and places that are part of our NetWork

-Downloads of conscious, creative, and inspirational audio/video/talks

-DoNation tip basket where people can offer support to our project in the form of money, ReSources, and ideas.

-Higher-Ground Railroad – a rideshare NetWork of trust

-Calendar of Conscious Events

-Conscious Business Directory

-Profiles where Core, Collaborators, and Members can share ReSources they are offering, as well as ReSources they are in need of to actualize their creative projects and visions.

-A structure of guilds (Integrative Spirituality, Stewardship, Creative and Performing Arts, etc.) that people can join to participate in different sectors of I Am We

Do you have ideas about how our WebSight could better represent our visions?

How would you like to participate in our WebSight?


Future Goals

Event Curation

Our vision is to transition back into hosting regular events and gatherings that bridge the communities of Creative Arts, Integrative Spirituality, Sustainable Living, and Holistic Health. Our intention is for these events to serve the community by:

-Linking talent with venues of expression

-Creating containers that inspire Evolution of Consciousness

-Catalyzing the creative potential of Synergy

-Offering opportunities for locals and travelers to share their passions and gifts

-Hosting spaces for Creative people to NetWork and experience each other’s work

Land Projects

Our vision is to have community home bases across the US called ManifestStations. Our intention is for our ManifestStations to serve the community by providing space for people to:

-Experience Sustainable Living

-Co-create a Sylvapolitan lifestyle

-Have a space to focus on Creative projects in a Conscious and Collaborative environment

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