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Jp Whipple

J. P. Whipple is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He has spent a life drifting across the country singing old time roots, blues, and country.

He is an artist, a talented writer of musings on, well ............... just about anything that takes his fancy! Then there are his songs; frequently dark, this often gloom laden music is also incredibly uplifting. Perhaps that doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but we often write/talk about musicians who are complete 'one offs' and John Whipple most certainly is! As to his painted art and writings; just look at his website and you will in all probability agree with me that he is at the top of the game in more than one just discipline! He is also known as the 'barefoot troubadour,' an appropriate description when bearing in mind the fact that he certainly spends a lot of time barefoot, but more than that he is genuinely an itinerant troubadour who plays where and when he can. To this can be added the fact that he also has an extraordinary back catalogue of varied and diverse albums of 'root music' with this being his tenth studio (or apartment!) recording since his 2002 debut, the excellent 'Thrift Store Wardrobe.'

For more of Jp's music take a listen at bandcamp and on this website

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