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Seeking Collaborative Land Mates

Updated: May 9, 2023

Blessings to the rainbow spectrum of sanghas dedicated to co-creating and being peace in the world. With Jess Rubin

While a devotee of Asherah, Jess (Kohenet Yepeth Perla) Rubin tends MycoEvolve, and Roots and Trails amidst other circles. She consciously invites collaborators to co-create an earth repair community unified in commitment to heartful mindfulness cultivation, conscious communication, and radical love in harmonious synchronicity with ecosystem networks and ancestral lines we live amidst.

While she is/they are open to meeting new colleagues in earth tending and ancestral rewilding, she also calls in aligned, skilled, dedicated land mates who feel drawn to this endeavor in NW Unceded Abenaki Territory (colonially known as Vermont.) If this dream thread seems to align with a service you offer in the world and there is clear vision for reciprocal collaboration, please feel free to reach out at with "heartful mindful earth repair community" in the subject line.

And if you hear of any land tenders wanting to share or pass the baton in that region, we are curious to learn about it. We are still listening for where in this land we are to root in but feel the time approaching. Thank you! Love, light and peace through all realms.

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